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Buyer's Guide

WorkFree Pools

Here at The Great Backyard, we have put together what we call the Work-Free Package. It can be added onto any inground or above ground. The idea behind the Work-Free Package is to reduce the amount of work that you're doing to ensure a good, clear quality of water so that at any given point, you, your kids, & your friends, can all gather around the pool, know that it's ready, jump in the pool and just have a great time. And you don't have to budget or bracket large amounts of time on the weekends to take care of the pool. As much as possible, we want your pool to bring you together and bring you the good times.

Pool Liners

There are basically four type of liners: There's an overlap liner. It simply folds over the wall. This is an example of an overlap liner. Often times you'll have kind of a generous portion of a pattern up time and then some basic print down bottom, because there's going to be irregularity in how it's seated. Then there is a J-hook liner right here, which is going to actually hook over the wall. And there's a beaded liner. This right here is a unibead liner; that's the fourth kind of liner, it can either be installed as a J-hook, hooking directly over the wall, or this is cut right here and this bead goes into a bead receiver. This is a piece of bead receiver right here. So this is going to lap over the wall right here and the liner's going to lock into this track.

Pool Structure

We are going to take a look at the three main elements that make up a pool package. One is the pool structure, two is the pool liner, and three is the pool equipment. So all above ground pools built for permanent installation are constructed primarily out of steel. Steel provides the greatest strength for the structure of the pool. Now, you'll have various components made out of resin, aluminum possibly, and we'll even consider these options as we kind of unpack the structure of the pool.

Above Ground Pool Filtration Systems

There are three major filtration systems which are offered on above ground pools. In this region, there are primarily two. We're going to concentrate our efforts on those two in this video.

In Ground Vinyl Pools


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