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  • 3 Ways You Can Upgrade Your Inground Pool This Year

    Years can be kind to well-maintained inground pools. When treated well, they age gracefully. But what should you do when your pool starts looking a bit dated? Well, you most likely don't need to replace anything that’s not broken. To upgrade your inground pool, you should focus on a small number of areas. Do them right, and you won’t have to upgrade anything else. And you’ll save money! No reason to replace if you can refresh. In this article, let’s look at 3 efficient ways to upgrade your inground pool this year. Upgrade Your Inground Pool This Year Before... Read More
  • What Pool Should I Purchase? 3 (More) Practical Things to Consider

    Asking yourself, “what pool should I purchase?” You’re not alone. It’s a common question among future pool owners. In fact, it’s the first question. And what you’re really asking is, "should I buy an above-ground pool or an inground pool?" Fortunately, you can find the answer. By the time you finish thinking about it, your choice will be clear. Because no two people will come up with the same answer for the exact same reasons, we’ll just give you the facts. And you can take it from there. Let’s go on with our examination of how the two... Read More
  • 4 Simple Steps: How to Check Your Pool for Leaks

    You want your pool to be in good shape this summer. One essential skill is knowing how to check your pool for leaks. This article should show you exactly how. You can repair most small cracks with pool putty or something like it. Ask your local pool pro for a recommendation based on your pool deck material. Likewise, you can fix many holes in the liner with a vinyl repair kit. Do take the time to examine the whole pool before you start repairing. You need to know what the problem is and how extensive your repair work... Read More
  • What Pool Should I Purchase? 3 Practical Things to Consider

    It's a nice question to ask yourself: "Should I purchase a pool? If so, what kind should I get?" Think about it for a second. Isn't it cool that you get to ask that question? You win. Now, you just have to come up with an answer. If you find yourself in the enviable position of choosing between an inground pool and an above-ground pool, that's the first choice you need to make. Then, you can choose a model. So it's that first choice we'll deal with right now. No two people will find themselves in the same position... Read More
  • 3 More Things You Need for the Perfect Patio

    In Part 1, we've already stressed the importance of your table, chairs, and grill. Without them, the perfect patio doesn't even have a start. Now, let's move on to the 3 elements that make the perfect patio a lovely place to spend time. A lot of time. Preferably with a cold drink in hand. Your Perfect Patio Needs: 1. Attractive Lighting There's something about a softly lit patio. It livens the evening, creates a welcoming atmosphere, and gives you a sense of satisfaction in pleasant company. Nights on your patio will be much more enjoyable with good lighting. Try to... Read More
  • Is a Swim Spa or Pool Better? 4 Practical Reasons for Each

    We're convinced that swimming is underrated. That's where we're starting with this article. Swimming is good exercise, fun for the family, refreshing, and more. But where should you swim? Is a swim spa or pool better in your back yard? Is a Swim Spa or Pool Better? Every person, and every family, has different needs. The answer to this question really depends on your circumstances and desires. Some will find that a pool is best. Others will discover the relaxation they need in a swim spa. The key is to figure out what will serve you best – now... Read More
  • The Top 6 Reasons to Get a Swim Spa

    You have a choice. You can get a hot tub that seats 4, 6, even 8 people. Or, you can get a swim spa. We're all pretty familiar with hot tubs – what makes them good, why we enjoy them, even how they work. But swim spas are another story. What are the reasons to get a swim spa? What sets them apart? Let's look at 6 of the very best reasons to get a swim spa. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you'll know whether or not a swim spa might work for you. 6 Great Reasons... Read More
  • Should I Buy A Hot Tub? 4 Practical Reasons You Should

    If you're asking why you should buy a hot tub, chances are you haven't been in one recently. Hot tubs offer an incredibly relaxing experience. "Should I buy a hot tub?" usually means, "enjoyment is great, but I need some practical reasons." We already know the typical reasons. Warm water is soothing, the jets feel great, and there's no better place to sit at the end of a long day. But there are more reasons. Why Should I Buy a Hot Tub? Since you asked, we've come up with a list of 4 practical reasons you should buy a... Read More
  • How to Exercise in a Swim Spa in 7 Easy Steps

    Water heals, soothes, and relaxes. It's a natural environment for exercise and pain relief. In fact, hydrotherapy in a swim spa is a popular rehab method, especially for those with leg injuries. But how do you exercise in a swim spa? For maximum benefit, you need to know how to exercise in a swim spa the right way. Because of water's physical properties – resistance, pressure, temperature – water is an effective exercise medium. And the easiest place to do it is a swim spa at your own home. Keep reading to learn how. How to Exercise in a... Read More
  • Should I Get a Hot Tub or Swim Spa?

    Hot tub shoppers often ask: "Should I get a hot tub or swim spa? Which is better?" There are clear benefits to both, and a lot of them are personal. This article should help you answer those questions. First, some definitions. Swim spas are moderately-sized jetted tubs. In them, you can swim against the current created by the jets. You stay in one place as you swim while the water moves around you. Hot tubs have no such current, but the water often swirls and bubbles around sitters as they relax. You may already have a preference, but... Read More

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