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7 Easy Ways to Give Kids Fun Pool Play with Less Risk

7 Easy Ways to Give Kids Fun Pool Play with Less Risk

Summer time is pool time. And pool time is for kids. We all know that water has a magical quality for children. We've experienced it ourselves. Maybe it's the element of danger. It makes you feel more alive. But we want to keep our kids safe. So our goal is fun pool play with less risk.

Here are 7 ideas to make pool time fun – and safe.

1) Swim Like a Fish

Most kids love the freedom of being able to swim. So teach them! And the younger, the better. You know your child. When they're brave and strong enough, get them paddling and watch them grow! Remember: knowing how to swim won't keep a child from drowning. Your vigilance will.

2) Float for Fun

The small ones (generally, children under 3) should have life jackets on at all times. On the deck, at the edge, in the water. In case of an accident, if your kids can float, they'll be fine. And they'll even enjoy being able to float around. It definitely makes for fun pool play with less risk.

For children older than 3, it's a good idea to have non-swimmers wear life jackets until they're tall enough to stand in the pool.

3) Be a Lifeguard

Keep lifesaving equipment handy. Keep a first aid kit, rescue buoys, a long pole etc. in a handy location (not accessible by small children) that can be used in a hurry if needed. It is also crucial to know how to resuscitate, so attend first aid courses and keep your knowledge up-to-date.

4) Clean the Deck

If you put away all the toys, the poolside will be less attractive to small children. Make the pool exciting during swim time – and boring the rest of the time. It'll help create boundaries in kids' minds.

5) Banish Slippery Surfaces

There are lots of non-slip surfaces available. From rubber mats to concrete, you can find a way to create a safer pool play area. Even though you say, "no running!" they'll still run.

6) Beware of Drains

The suction created by your filter drain can be strong. Teach kids to stay away from the drains. In addition to drain covers, you might even think about installing multiple drains to moderate the suction.

7) Review the Rules

Last, but definitely not least. Make rules, post them, and stick to them. Family and friends need to follow them. Keep safety in mind. The right rules will help everyone to have more fun pool play.

For ideas to plan a fun summer in the pool, visit The Great Backyard or stop by. We'd love to help you turn your backyard into your favorite vacation spot!


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