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fire pit

  • 3 More Things You Need for the Perfect Patio

    In Part 1, we've already stressed the importance of your table, chairs, and grill. Without them, the perfect patio doesn't even have a start. Now, let's move on to the 3 elements that make the perfect patio a lovely place to spend time. A lot of time. Preferably with a cold drink in hand. Your Perfect Patio Needs: 1. Attractive Lighting There's something about a softly lit patio. It livens the evening, creates a welcoming atmosphere, and gives you a sense of satisfaction in pleasant company. Nights on your patio will be much more enjoyable with good lighting. Try to... Read More
  • 5 Great Reasons to Get a Fire Pit This Fall

    Cool days and chilly nights call for a fire pit. And there are a host of reasons to get a fire pit this fall – not the least of which is warmth. There's something satisfying about sitting with your back to the cool night and your face to a toasty fire. And what's better than doing that in your own backyard? We've narrowed it down to 5 reasons to get a fire pit this fall: Campout Atmosphere When work runs late and the kids have soccer in the morning, you still have time to go camping... Read More
  • Make Grilling Easy with These 4 Tantalizing Dry Rubs

    A good dry rub makes all the difference. If you enjoy meat, poultry, and seafood then you probably appreciate a good dry rub recipe. Rubs are used all over the world to enhance flavor – and different regions even have their own specialties. These are a few of our favorite dry rubs: 1. Texas Rub If you've ever been to a Texas BBQ, you know they grill up some good meat! Texas rub is very bold and spicy. It's great because it enhances the meat’s flavor without covering it up. This type of rub tends to stay away from sugar. ... Read More
  • 6 Things You Need to Consider to Get the Best Fire Pit

    A fire pit has more to offer than just fire. With a live flame comes a cozy feeling, welcoming atmosphere, free conversation, and relaxation. Oh, and don't forget the s'mores. When you start looking for a fire pit, you have a lot of options. There are 6 main things you need to think about to get the best fire pit for your back yard. Intended Use This should be number one on your list. How do you intend to use your fire pit? Different types have various features and functions. Will you use the fire pit to cook? For warmth... Read More

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