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How to Become a Boss on the Grill, Part 3

Grilling is an art – and we all know an artist. Their summertime fare is always delicious. Their steaks are perfectly seared and their chicken is always juicy.

You want to be that good on the grill. But how? The simple answer is "experience." But you can learn a ton of tips to get better at grilling. Here are 2 more easy ways to...

Become a boss on the grill – and serve up your own perfect summertime fare.

(Use gas or charcoal – whichever you want. These tips can help you grill better on both.)

Grease the Grill

Good luck keeping chicken juicy if the skin gets stuck to the grill. And perfect grill marks are a no-go if your steak adheres to the grate.

A simple way to make the grill non-stick is to grease it before you toss the meat on.

The official method is to swab the grates with a wadded-up paper towel soaked in oil. Word to the wise: use tongs. You can also use a spray oil with pretty much the same effect.

No matter which you use, you're giving yourself a chance at flawlessly-grilled meat.

There's one caveat. If you've marinated your meat in oil – or are using an oil-based rub – greasing the grill is redundant and you don't have to do it.

Give the Meat Room to Cook

When you have a crowd, the temptation is to cook all the meat at once. After all, everyone's hungry.

And it's a common mistake many home grill cooks make. If you fill the grill to the gills, there's no room to move meat from direct to indirect heat. And if you have a sudden grease flare-up (you probably will), you've got no space to move the food. Whoops! Hope you like burned meat.

There's another reason to leave extra space on the grill. The more meat you place, the less heat will make it past the grates. You'll end up steaming the meat instead of developing perfect grill marks. The meat won't cook well and you'll think your grill is no good.

If your grill isn't big enough for the whole gang, stagger your cooking times. You can also borrow a grill. Either way, you'll be busy.


We've unlocked a couple more grilling secrets. Grease the grill, and leave space to move your ingredients around on the grill.

In the [fourth and final installment of our series], we'll talk about how much attention you need to pay to the grill as you cook. You're one step away from being a boss on the grill: How to Become a Boss on the Grill, Part 4

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