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How to Become a Boss on the Grill, Part 4

Grilling is an art to some people. Their grilled food is always just right. Their steaks are delicious and tender – and their chicken is always crisp on the outside, juicy on the inside.

You want to raise your grilling arts to that level. But how? Put simply, "experience." But while tips aren't shortcuts, they can sure help you get better at grilling. Here are our final 2 more easy ways to...

Become a boss on the grill- and serve up your own artistically grilled meats.

(Use a gas or charcoal grill – whichever you prefer. These tips will help you grill like a pro on either one.)

Don’t Play With Your Food

Many novice grill cooks make the same mistake. They can’t keep from messing with food on the grill – pushing it around, flipping it, poking and pressing it.

Stop it. Step back and enjoy a cold drink while you watch the food cook all by itself.

Your grilled food gains a huge amount of flavor from caramelization. And caramelization only happens when the meat is seared – and let be.

Naturally, you need to flip the food once to cook both sides. And you might move it between heat zones once.

But please, for the love of flavor, stop poking it. Let it sit in the delicious flavors of the grilling process.

Don’t Walk Away From The Grill

Ever walk away from the grill to grab a beer, sneak a peek at the score of the ball game, or help with food prep – and come back to flaming chicken? It's happened to the best of us. And it's always because of distraction.

We're cooking with fire here. Fire burns stuff and feeds off grease.

When you're grilling, ducking out often turns into disaster. You're only grilling a few steaks. You might as well stick around to make sure they cook right. You – and all your guests – won't regret it.

There's one exception: indirect heat grilling. If you're roasting a chicken with indirect heat, feel free to leave and check back on it every so often. It's when you're using direct heat that you need to pay close attention.

Stay focused – and your food has a good chance of being perfectly grilled.


That's it – we've given you all the grilling secrets you need for a good start. All you need now is the experience. Get grilling, and pretty soon you'll be a boss on the grill.

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