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The Top 3 Reasons to Get a Ceramic Cooker

Nothing says "summer" more than grilling out. Tastes, smells … it's a pleasure all around. When friends come over – or just because – breaking out the grill for a good meal is an American tradition.

When it comes time to buy a grill, you have hundreds of choices. And you may have looked at them all. But chances are that there's one you may not have heard of yet: the ceramic cooker. This unique grill is arguably the most versatile type with superior heat retention.

There are many reasons to get a ceramic cooker.

We've chosen to showcase the top 3 benefits that set them apart.

1. Ceramic Cookers are Reliable

Kamado cookers like the Grill Dome have a long history. That's an understatement. The ancient Chinese cooked with coals in clay pots. And the Japanese cooked in a “Mushikamado” (shortened to “Kamado”, or "cooking stove"). American servicemen brought the design home with them after World War II and the rest is history.

Now made with improved methods and materials, modern ceramic cookers are long-lasting, durable, and extremely weather-resistant. They provide consistent heat from 225° F to more than 750° F, time after time.

2. Ceramic Cookers are Easy to Use

Kamado grills are notorious for their ease of use. Here are just a few of the ways that stand out:

  • Assembly Time: 15-30 Minutes: You can bring it home from the store and enjoy your first meal from it within an hour.
  •  Built-in Thermometer: No guesswork means delicious food – every time.
  • 15 Minute Start-up Time: Get it going, prep your ingredients, and head on back to the grill without having to kill time in between.
  • Minimal Maintenance: All you need to do is tighten connecting parts yearly and keep an eye on the felt gaskets for wear. You'll replace those every two to three years to maintain efficiency – an easy task.
  • Simple Cleaning: Just scrape off the grill surface before you use it. Scooping ashes out of the cooled cooker is easy.
  • Easy Storage: Kamado cookers are relatively small in diameter. Perfect for small patios, balconies, and porches.

3. Ceramic Cookers are Efficient and Versatile

Ceramic cookers are made from a material that retains heat very well. Not only that, but their shape lets them distribute heat more evenly than most grills. There aren't any "hot spots." Your ceramic cooker will be able to maintain temperatures as low as 225° F and as high as 750+° F.

They're also more versatile than any other type of grill because of their efficient heat retention and superb airflow control. Because ceramic cookers work kind of like wood-fire ovens, you can use them for foods you would normally bake. Pizza, bread, and roasted meats are especially good when made using Kamado grills.


So there you go. Now you know the top 3 reasons to get a ceramic cooker.

From 3000 years ago to our modern age, ceramic cookers have held their appeal for those who want a truly efficient, versatile way to cook food outdoors. Because spending time with close friends and great food is priceless, consider your ceramic cooker an investment that'll pay off right away.

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