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  • Top 10 Tips For a Mosquito-Free Pool

    Do you want to keep mosquitoes away from your pool? We all do, don't we. If you're like us, you're type of person who likes to be outside. And if you've just installed a pool at your home, you definitely want to be able to enjoy the outdoors! When it’s time to relax poolside, mosquitoes are the last thing that you want on your mind (or on your skin). For a comfortable summer, take advantage of these 10 tips for a mosquito-free pool. 1) Keep Your Water Clean and Balanced You’re doing this anyway, right? The point is... Read More
  • 7 Steps from Boring to Better: How Pools Are Made

    As adults, we're still interested in how things are made, aren't we? Take in-ground pools, for example. How is an in-ground pool made? What's the process? We want to know the "how" before we jump in. To help out, here's... How your pool is made in 7 steps. 1) Pick Your Spot You probably already have a spot in mind. If not, you can talk with your pool installer to figure out the best place for a pool. Then they'll mark out the area and get it ready for digging. And dig they will! It'll be a big mess –... Read More
  • What Trees Should I Plant Around My Pool?

    Having a pool is about more than swimming, isn't it. When you install a pool, you’re also looking to make your home and yard more inviting. And nothing creates a spa-like atmosphere like lush greenery. So what trees should you plant around your pool? For starters, keep in mind that function is just as important as form. Think about how certain trees will work with your pool, not simply how they look. Here are some tips for planning your landscaping after your pool is installed. What to Keep in Mind Debris This is the most obvious thing to consider... Read More

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