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5 More Questions to Ask When Buying a Spa

Looking for a spa can be confusing. You've probably asked a few questions, and by now you're thinking of more questions to ask when buying a spa. And with good reason. There are a lot of spas out there. How do you decide which features matter most to you?

To help you find the right spa, we've written 3 posts with questions to ask when buying a spa. If you're just joining us, here's post 1.

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Now, let's look at

More Questions to Ask When Buying a Spa

  1. How Much Does It Cost to Run a Spa?

That depends. How well your spa is insulated matters most because heat loss is a big energy drain. Spas that are insulated well end up around 25-50 cents to heat per day. Poor insulation can double that number 2 or 3 times.

Next, 56-frame motors are more efficient than standard 48-frame electrical motors. You'll save on your power bill at a little higher cost up front.

Then you need to think about the number of motors and spa size. 3-pump spas will cost more to run than smaller, 1-pump spas.

  1. What Are the Shell and Insulation Made Of?

The best, strongest shells are made of fiberglass-backed acrylic. Stay away from ABS shells, because they're not as durable.

Some manufacturers insulate only the shell of the hot tub, leaving the bottom and outside frame uninsulated. That leads to excess heat loss and power consumption. It's best to find a spa that has full-foam insulation that packs the entire cavity between the shell and cabinet full of waterproof, quick-drying foam.

Full-foam insulation also makes the shell stronger, since it's supported at every point by the foam. And it protects the plumbing from vibration wear and tear.

  1. Are Granite and Marble Finishes Different?

The substance is the same. They're both made from acrylic. Some like the granite look because it tends to hide scratches and water spots better than marble. Whichever finish you choose, think long-term. You'll be looking at the color of your spa for years, so get one you really like.

  1. How Often Do I Have to Change the Water?

You'll need to change the water when it's too dirty for the sanitizer to keep it clean. There aren't that many gallons of water in your spa, unlike a huge pool. Remember, unlike a pool with thousands of gallons of water, you will only have from 175-400 gallons. That means every little bit of non-water product (skin products, deodorant, dead skin, dirt) adds up.

When your sanitizer can't get all the waste out of the water, it's time to change it. With normal use, you may change it every 3-5 months. If your spa is large and you get in alone most of the time, you may only have to change it a couple of times a year.

Keep in mind that water is inexpensive. So it's cheaper to change the water than to keep adding more and more chemicals to clean the water.

  1. How Should I Clean My Spa?

We've written a separate post about how to clean your spa [link]. It's worth the read – and the job is easier than you might imagine!


When you're ready to look for a spa, come on in to The Great Backyard. We're Artesian Spas' Dealer of the Year for 2015 – and our product knowledge and service standards are outstanding.

So if you need a good partner as you search, we'd love to hear what you're looking for!

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