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  • How Sauna Makes You Healthy in the Winter

    Winter is cold and flu season. It’s hard to stay healthy during the winter time. Icy weather make Netflix or a good book much more attractive than going for a run. And we tend to eat a lot of sugar over the holidays, further weakening our immune systems. Recent research actually shows a link between cold air and sickness. And if you tend to come under extra stress over the holiday season, your health is further compromised. We're bound to get sick this winter, right? Actually, we're not without defense. Research has also shown how sauna makes... Read More
  • 5 of the Very Best Reasons to Get an Outdoor Sauna

    When you're looking for a sauna, you're faced with two choices. You can get an outdoor sauna or build one indoors. Both are attractive in their own way. And there are some pretty compelling reasons to get an outdoor sauna. In fact, with the rise of outdoor living – outdoor kitchens, patios with fire pits, and more – outdoor saunas may be more attractive than they've been in a long time. Here are 5 stellar reasons to get an outdoor sauna for your own back yard. 5 Benefits of a Good Outdoor Sauna Your sauna helps you escape... Read More
  • How Winter Saunas Help Make You Happy

    Winter isn't the most pleasant time of the year. That's why most people do anything they can to make it more bearable. To that end, it's worth exploring how sauna helps keep you happier in the winter. Saunas have proven health benefits. They can help your skin, improve circulation, help you achieve more restful sleep, and even help reduce heart attack risk. It's not a mystery how spending time in a winter sauna helps make you happy. Saunas work to lighten your mood in 2 effective ways. 1. Increased Heart Rate There's a scientific reason why you're enjoying a good... Read More
  • 3 Reasons Why You Need to Sauna in the Winter

    Winter is knocking on the door. Some of us love it, some hate it. But all of us can agree on this: there's nothing like hot chocolate and a fuzzy blanket. Now it's time to add a third item to that list. Sauna. You need to sauna in the winter. To prove our point, we've got 3 good reasons … Why You Need to Sauna in the Winter If you're the hibernate-or-migrate type, getting a home sauna can make your winter better – in almost every way. Here are the 3 top reasons why you need to sauna in... Read More
  • 6 of the Very Best Reasons to Get an Indoor Sauna

    Everyone loves to unwind. And some find their best relaxation in a sauna. For them, the question isn't "should I get a sauna?" It's "do I want an outdoor sauna, or should I get an indoor sauna?" You can find good reasons to get either type of sauna. But rather than pit them against each other, this article will focus on why you should get an indoor sauna. Why You Should Get an Indoor Sauna Your choice comes down to which kind of sauna will benefit you most. Here are 6 reasons to give you perspective and (hopefully) help... Read More
  • How to Use Your Spa Safely in Winter

    A good hot tub session is relaxing year round. But winter spa use [3 Reasons Winter Is the Best Time to Enjoy Your Hot Tub] has a special draw. Cold air and warm water make for a delightful combination. And to really enjoy it, you need to know how to use your spa safely in winter. How to Use Your Spa Safely in Winter Of course, you'll follow your regular regime of spa maintenance, water chemistry balancing, and disinfection. In winter, you'll add a few more things to your checklist. To know how to use your spa safely in winter... Read More
  • 3 Reasons Winter Is the Best Time to Enjoy Your Hot Tub

    When the wind turns icy and frost covers the grass, many people pack up their hot tubs for the year. But winter can be the best time to enjoy your hot tub. No need to winterize your spa if you're using it. A growing number of spa owners take pleasure in a good soak – all year round. Many of these hardy folks will be the first to say that winter's their favorite time of year to bathe in their hot tubs. So why is winter the best time to enjoy your hot tub? What would drive you to... Read More
  • How to Winterize Your Spa in 8 Easy Steps

    Leaves are falling – and so is the temperature. For many, prime hot tub weather is here. Hot water and cold air go perfectly together for those who enjoy their spas year round. If that's you, you don't need to know how to winterize your spa. Just keep it running and maintain it properly. However, some folks like to stay indoors when it's cold. Maybe you'd rather wear cozy pajamas than a swimsuit. Or perhaps you migrate south for the winter. Whatever your reason, if you won't be using it, you need to know how to winterize your spa. ... Read More
  • Better Health: How Does a Far Infrared Sauna Work?

    Most people know what saunas are.  And when we're looking at saunas, we see two kinds: traditional saunas and far infrared saunas. How does a far infrared sauna work? How is its heat different from the heat in a traditional sauna? How does a far infrared sauna work? The heat source in a traditional sauna heats the air. That heat directly affects your skin temperature, and you start to sweat as your body works on cooling down. Infrared sauna heaters create heat energy in the far infrared wavelength range. Don't worry – they're not harmful UV rays, as much... Read More
  • Top 5 Things You Need In Your Back Yard This Fall

    The nice thing about fall is that the weather's cooling down. And the downside is that it can get pretty chilly. So we've put together a list of 5 things you need in your backyard this fall to stave off the chill – while enjoying the cooler weather. Because what good is a back yard if you're not enjoying it, right? Read on for our list of … Things You Need In Your Back Yard This Fall Trusty Grill Who says you need to stop grilling when summer's over? Now's the perfect time to smoke... Read More

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