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  • 7 Fun Ideas for an Easy Backyard Camping Adventure

    Camping is a great way to spend time with the family. But sometimes, driving 2 hours to set up a tent just doesn't work out. Fortunately, you can have an adventure at home! There are a ton of easy backyard camping tips. For old-fashioned quality time, stow the iPad and go offline with your own … Easy Backyard Camping Adventure When you go backyard camping, you're close to the bathroom, kitchen, and (most importantly) a dry bed if it starts to rain. Here's how to enjoy your night under the stars with the family: 1. Gear Up First The... Read More
  • How to Do Fall Hot Tub Maintenance in 5 Easy Steps

    There's nothing like sitting in a hot tub on a cool evening. And in order to relax in your hot tub year round, you need to do regular fall hot tub maintenance. After a summer's worth of enjoyment, fall is a great time to do some of the things you didn't tackle during hot weather. Read on for 5 steps to make sure your hot tub works perfectly all year. Fall Hot Tub Maintenance 1. Clean the Cover Mildew, bacteria, and mold love your hot tub cover. It makes them feel comfortable. That's why you need to clean it... Read More
  • Get Fit with These 5 Effective Hot Tub Exercises

    Running out of time to work out – but need to relax? Do both with these 5 simple hot tub exercises. Hot water increases your blood flow, which helps release toxins from your body. You can do a lot of low impact hot tub exercises that aid weight loss, muscle tone, flexibility, and injury prevention. Try these 5 hot tub exercises – then relax! Calf Raises This hot tub workout is easy and effective. Stand in the middle of your hot tub and raise up onto your toes. Doing this movement repeatedly will slim and... Read More
  • Get Healthy with These 5 Effective Spa Exercises

    Don't have time to work out and relax? Do both at the same time with these 5 light, healthy spa exercises. Many people assume that the pool is for exercise and the hot tub is for relaxation. And that's how they're most often used. But doing spa exercises gives you a number of unique health and fitness advantages. Try these 5 spa exercises: 1. Shoulder Roll Stand in the center of your spa and begin with an easy exercise. Simply roll your shoulders forward and back. This simple movement in the humid heat improves joint mobility and increases circulation... Read More
  • 3 Simple Tips for Easy Fall Pool Maintenance

    Fall is just around the corner. And at the end of the swim season, it's time to think about fall pool maintenance. We're looking forward to the cooler weather, and that means small changes to your pool care routine. Take advantage of the warm days to care for your pool until swim season is truly over. If you have a heated pool, you might be a year-round swimmer. But most of us will need these tips for fall pool maintenance. Easy Fall Pool Maintenance Tips 1. Cut the Chemicals During the summer, your pool water evaporates more quickly –... Read More
  • 5 More Fun Games You Can Play in the Hot Tub

    In our previous article, we brought out some fun hot tub games. But what if you don't want to play games with props? What if you'd rather relax and play mental hot tub games instead? This post is for you. Here's our favorite 5 mind-based games you can play in the hot tub.  Celebrity Alphabet Your mission: think of as many celebrities as you can. But there's a catch. Their name (first or last) must start with a certain letter of the alphabet. Here's how it works. Player one chooses a letter, whichever they want. They might choose... Read More
  • 3 Reasons Why You Should Have an Outdoor Kitchen

    You've probably read articles that tell you why you should have an outdoor kitchen. And if you're like us, you started out skeptical. But think about it this way. An outdoor kitchen is basically an extension of your home. If you're in the market for a really good grill, you may be ready to build an outdoor kitchen for shade and prep space. Now, we're aware that you don't need an outdoor kitchen. Saying you need one is like saying you need a garage. You don't. But you miss it if you don't have one. And once you get... Read More
  • 5 Fun Games You Can Play in the Hot Tub

    Picture the perfect relaxing evening. If you're like most, your leisurely night includes a hot tub. But sometimes, especially when you have friends over, you might want some hot tub games. We've come up with 5 fun (family-friendly) games you can play in the hot tub. Dodgeball With up to 5 ping pong balls in the hot tub, try to avoid being touched by one of them. Sound easy? It may prove to be a fun challenge! Each player can move around to stay away from the balls – but keep your feet on the bottom! Once... Read More
  • 5 Easy Ways to Extend the Life of Your Hot Tub

    Your hot tub has a lifespan. Just like you can extend your lifespan by eating right and keeping healthy habits, you can extend the life of your hot tub. If you care for it properly, you'll be able to enjoy your spa for a long time. Decades, even. Now, you can't control everything – but all the care you give it will reward you over the years. Here are 5 easy ways you can extend the life of your hot tub: Care for Your Cover Sometimes the simplest things make a world of difference. It would... Read More
  • 3 Easy Ways to Make Your Patio Furniture Last Longer

    Your backyard can be a beautiful outdoor living room with amazing patio furniture. The table where all your BBQ's are served, the comfortable chairs around your fire pit, the playset that keeps the little ones entertained. And your patio furniture can last for years if properly taken care of. Just follow these simple steps to make your patio furniture last longer: How to Make Your Patio Furniture Last Longer 1. Keep It Clean This step depends on what kind of material your patio furniture is made of. If it's weatherproof metal, don't worry about cleaning too much. Simply wipe... Read More

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