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  • 3 Simple Steps to Keep Your Grill Looking New

    A clean, shiny grill can be an attractive element of your patio. On the other hand, an old, rusty grill is an eyesore. Ever wished you could keep your grill looking new? Well, so have we. That's why we've come up with 3 simple steps to keep your new grill looking new. Clean The Inside This part isn't complicated – it'll just take some elbow grease. It's worth the effort in the end. And the more often you clean it, the easier your job will be. Before cleaning the inside of your grill, remove the grates, flame... Read More
  • 5 Quick and Easy Steps to Clean Your Sauna

    We often hear the question, "how should I clean my sauna?" It's a great question, especially since the sauna experience would be much less healthful in a dirty sauna. So we're glad you're asking how to clean your sauna – for your health and enjoyment. Here are 5 quick, easy steps to clean your sauna: Keep It Raw As much as you think you'll love a new color, don't paint, stain, or varnish the inside of your sauna. Natural wood can breathe – and it needs to. An artificial finish can cause the wood to get... Read More
  • 3 Easy Ways to Know When to Replace Your Pool Liner

    You keep your pool well-maintained. The water pH is just right, and you clean it frequently. You also know that pool maintenance includes caring for the pool liner. And eventually, you'll have to replace it – whether you have an above-ground pool or an inground pool. So how do you know when to replace your pool liner? The typical pool liner lasts between eight and twelve seasons. So you won't find yourself replacing it frequently. All you have to do is keep an eye on signs of wear and deterioration. Pool liners get beat on by swimmers, chemicals... Read More
  • 3 Easy Tips That Will Make You Grill Like a Pro

    Everyone wants to grill like a pro. There's something special about perfect grill marks and juicy steaks. And you want to be the host who serves up perfectly grilled meats and veggies. But there's more to grilling than just owning the perfect grill. We're here to help! To release your inner grill master, follow our 3 easy tips.  Start With a Hot Grill Before you even start grilling, you need to heat your grill to the right temperature. This step is easy for those with a built-in thermometer. For the rest of us, here's an easy way to... Read More
  • What Makes the Best Fiberglass Pools Last So Long? (Part 3)

    Fiberglass inground pools last for decades. If you're trying to decide which one to put in your backyard, you probably need to scope out what makes the best fiberglass pools last so long. We've already covered why quality manufacturing and quality installation matter. Now we'll finish up the series with a look at how quality maintenance can keep your fiberglass pool looking new year after year.  The Best Fiberglass Pools Need Maintained We've all spent too long in the water at some point. And then we've seen what too much sun, chlorine, and water can do to our bodies... Read More
  • What Makes the Best Fiberglass Pools Last So Long? (Part 2)

    Fiberglass inground pools last a long time. That's a well-established fact. You can reasonably expect to get decades of use out of your fiberglass pool. And now that you're thinking about which one to buy, you'll want to find out... How Fiberglass Pools Last So Long We've already gone over how quality manufacturing makes pools last. Now it's time to take a look at the impact quality installation has on a fiberglass pool's longevity. Fiberglass Pool Installation Quality Because we've installed hundreds of fiberglass pools over the past few decades, we have a solid grasp on what makes for good... Read More
  • What Makes the Best Fiberglass Pools Last So Long? (Part 1)

    Fiberglass inground pools are some of the longest-lasting out there. With care, you can expect your fiberglass pool to last decades. At some point, as you consider which pool to invest in, you'll need to know what makes the best fiberglass pools last so long. What factors should you consider? 3 Factors That Make the Best Fiberglass Pools Last So Long  Quality Manufacturing Quality Installation Quality Maintenance In this article, we'll explore the first factor: manufacturing. Let's dive in to what makes a good fiberglass pool perform year after year – and what manufacturing quality means. Fiberglass... Read More
  • The Top 3 Reasons to Get a Ceramic Cooker

    Nothing says "summer" more than grilling out. Tastes, smells … it's a pleasure all around. When friends come over – or just because – breaking out the grill for a good meal is an American tradition. When it comes time to buy a grill, you have hundreds of choices. And you may have looked at them all. But chances are that there's one you may not have heard of yet: the ceramic cooker. This unique grill is arguably the most versatile type with superior heat retention. There are many reasons to get a ceramic cooker. We've chosen to... Read More
  • Should I Invest in a Fiberglass or Vinyl Pool?

    All inground swimming pools aren't made equal. And each type of pool, whether it's concrete, fiberglass, or vinyl-lined, has its own pros and cons. Vinyl and fiberglass pools are produced offsite, and they're subject to more structural constraints than concrete. So we'll focus on those two. Hopefully by the end of the post, you'll have a good idea whether you should... Invest in a fiberglass or vinyl pool. We'll give you the facts – and you can pick the winner.  Ready to dive in? Grab a towel.   1) Fiberglass Inground Pools Pros: Quality Manufacturing Since they're built in... Read More
  • How to Get the Best out of Your Pool and Sauna

    Heat and cold – opposites that bring out the best in each other. When it comes to health, we're always told to alternate heat and cold. Whether it's a sprained ankle, bumps and bruises, or spa treatment for the whole body. Like the Finns do, many people are using their pool and sauna to advance their health. So how do you get the best out of your pool and sauna? Well, good news – there's no wrong way. Here are some tips. Swim in the Pool First Taking a dip in the pool before you relax in the sauna could... Read More

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