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Pool Safety 101: 7 Easy Ways to Secure Your Pool

Water is fun. And your whole family loves your swimming pool. But as fun as it is, it can be dangerous for kids – if left unsecured. Good news! You can make sure that your pool is both fun and safe. Just take action with these 7 easy ways to secure your pool.

1) Fence It In

We're not talking about your yard fence. The best solution to secure your pool is a dedicated fence. Since chain link can be easily climbed (especially by an adventurous young child), it's not a great option. Go for a slat fence. And you definitely need a gate that only you can unlock.

You're looking for a pool fence that's at least 4 feet high, with super small gaps. There are some removable fencing products available now, and you may think about choosing one of them. Just make sure it fits the criteria above.

2) Cover It Up

Have you ever found your kid on a dresser or (true story) atop the fridge? Your fence won't cut it by itself. Add a pool cover for an extra layer of protection. It must be strong enough to hold the weight of a child.

Be sure to siphon water off the cover so there are no puddles. Even a few inches of water can be deadly.

3) Set the Alarm

What if a child falls into your unattended pool? A pool alarm system could be a lifesaver. Secure your pool with the most reliable pool alarm possible. We'd recommend one that detects underwater movement, as they're less likely to "cry wolf."

3) Get an Early Warning

If you have an alarm system in your home, set it on "chime." This means the alarm system will make a chime sound if anyone opens a perimeter door or window and alert you if your child tries to get out. If you're not sure whether your alarm system has this feature, ask your alarm company.

5) Lock the Doors

Screw latches onto all the doors and windows that lead out into your pool area. As long as small children are around, use those latches constantly. What they can't get into won't hurt them.

6) Remove All Toys

What's the best way to make a pool attractive to kids? Toys. That's reason number one to pack them all up when the pool isn't in use. Boring, in this case, is better.

7) Lock Up the Ladder

This one mainly applies to above-ground pool owners. To secure your pool, take the ladder out and lock it up when everyone's out.

Remember, your watchful eye is the best tool you have to secure your pool. All the fences, covers, and alarms in the world will never replace good old-fashioned vigilance.

For pool advice and tips, we're ready to help. Come on in to The Great Backyard and we'll chat. And, remember – a safely secured pool is the most fun kind! Peace of mind is priceless.

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