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pool toys

  • 7 Easy Ways to Give Kids Fun Pool Play with Less Risk

    7 Easy Ways to Give Kids Fun Pool Play with Less Risk Summer time is pool time. And pool time is for kids. We all know that water has a magical quality for children. We've experienced it ourselves. Maybe it's the element of danger. It makes you feel more alive. But we want to keep our kids safe. So our goal is fun pool play with less risk. Here are 7 ideas to make pool time fun – and safe. 1) Swim Like a Fish Most kids love the freedom of being able to swim. So teach them! And the... Read More
  • 7 Pool Toys That Make Every Pool Time Perfect

    Ready, set, swim! It's time to stock your pool with all the toys you need for a fun summer. Whether your kids have friends over or the adults just want to be kids again, pool toys are a great way to relax and have fun. Here are 7 pool toys that make every pool time perfect. 1) Beach Ball In a world without beach balls, life would be less fun. Thank goodness they exist! Throw a beach ball in your pool this summer for a good time. And get ready – someone will probably hit it to you. 2) Goggles ... Read More

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