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  • What Pool Should I Purchase? 3 (More) Practical Things to Consider

    Asking yourself, “what pool should I purchase?” You’re not alone. It’s a common question among future pool owners. In fact, it’s the first question. And what you’re really asking is, "should I buy an above-ground pool or an inground pool?" Fortunately, you can find the answer. By the time you finish thinking about it, your choice will be clear. Because no two people will come up with the same answer for the exact same reasons, we’ll just give you the facts. And you can take it from there. Let’s go on with our examination of how the two... Read More
  • What Pool Should I Purchase? 3 Practical Things to Consider

    It's a nice question to ask yourself: "Should I purchase a pool? If so, what kind should I get?" Think about it for a second. Isn't it cool that you get to ask that question? You win. Now, you just have to come up with an answer. If you find yourself in the enviable position of choosing between an inground pool and an above-ground pool, that's the first choice you need to make. Then, you can choose a model. So it's that first choice we'll deal with right now. No two people will find themselves in the same position... Read More
  • 3 Ways to Improve Your In-Ground Pool Now

    In-ground pools tend to age gracefully. But what happens when your pool starts showing its years? Even if it starts to look dated, you probably don't have to replace the entire setup. There are things you can do to upgrade or refresh your pool. Things that make it seem like new again – and cost much less than a complete replacement. In this post, we'll discuss 3 ways to improve your in-ground pool now. First Things First Before you decide to improve your pool, you need to figure out if your equipment needs repair, upgrade, or replacement. It needs to... Read More
  • What Makes the Best Fiberglass Pools Last So Long? (Part 1)

    Fiberglass inground pools are some of the longest-lasting out there. With care, you can expect your fiberglass pool to last decades. At some point, as you consider which pool to invest in, you'll need to know what makes the best fiberglass pools last so long. What factors should you consider? 3 Factors That Make the Best Fiberglass Pools Last So Long  Quality Manufacturing Quality Installation Quality Maintenance In this article, we'll explore the first factor: manufacturing. Let's dive in to what makes a good fiberglass pool perform year after year – and what manufacturing quality means. Fiberglass... Read More
  • How to Choose the Right Robotic Pool Cleaner

    You want to keep your pool clean this summer. And a robotic pool cleaner will help you spend less time cleaning and more time playing. But you want to choose the right one. You have a ton of options, and each of them has pros and cons. Which robotic cleaner is right for your pool? Robotic Pool Cleaner Guide Your robotic pool cleaner will run independently of your existing pool equipment, and will draw power from your house. It'll pick up debris of all sizes and capture it with a built-in filter. Here are 5 things to consider: ... Read More
  • 7 Easy Ways to Give Kids Fun Pool Play with Less Risk

    7 Easy Ways to Give Kids Fun Pool Play with Less Risk Summer time is pool time. And pool time is for kids. We all know that water has a magical quality for children. We've experienced it ourselves. Maybe it's the element of danger. It makes you feel more alive. But we want to keep our kids safe. So our goal is fun pool play with less risk. Here are 7 ideas to make pool time fun – and safe. 1) Swim Like a Fish Most kids love the freedom of being able to swim. So teach them! And the... Read More
  • How to Save Money by Running Your Pool Pump Right

    One of the questions that our swimming pool builders in Chattanooga get asked all the time is “how long should I run my pool pump every day?” This is an important question! You want the water in your pool to be clean, pristine, and safe. And you also want to save money. Since you run your pool pump often, it factors into your monthly expenses. That's why it’s good to find the right balance. So, how can you save money – and how often do you need to run your pump right? Ask these 8 simple questions to find... Read More
  • How to Choose the Perfect Pool Liner in 4 Easy Steps

    You need a new pool liner. Maybe you're bored with the one you have now. Maybe it's worn out and faded. Or perhaps you're buying a new pool, and trying to learn all you can about how to choose the perfect pool liner. It can be a difficult decision. And it's one of the most important choices you can make for your pool. You need a liner with stunning looks, superb durability, and a great fit. Here's how to choose the perfect pool liner in 4 easy steps. 1) Choose Your Tile Tile or no? That's the first... Read More
  • Top 10 Tips For a Mosquito-Free Pool

    Do you want to keep mosquitoes away from your pool? We all do, don't we. If you're like us, you're type of person who likes to be outside. And if you've just installed a pool at your home, you definitely want to be able to enjoy the outdoors! When it’s time to relax poolside, mosquitoes are the last thing that you want on your mind (or on your skin). For a comfortable summer, take advantage of these 10 tips for a mosquito-free pool. 1) Keep Your Water Clean and Balanced You’re doing this anyway, right? The point is... Read More
  • 7 Pool Toys That Make Every Pool Time Perfect

    Ready, set, swim! It's time to stock your pool with all the toys you need for a fun summer. Whether your kids have friends over or the adults just want to be kids again, pool toys are a great way to relax and have fun. Here are 7 pool toys that make every pool time perfect. 1) Beach Ball In a world without beach balls, life would be less fun. Thank goodness they exist! Throw a beach ball in your pool this summer for a good time. And get ready – someone will probably hit it to you. 2) Goggles ... Read More

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