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5 Great Reasons to Get a Fire Pit This Fall

Cool days and chilly nights call for a fire pit. And there are a host of reasons to get a fire pit this fall – not the least of which is warmth. There's something satisfying about sitting with your back to the cool night and your face to a toasty fire. And what's better than doing that in your own backyard?

We've narrowed it down to 5 reasons to get a fire pit this fall:

  1. Campout Atmosphere

When work runs late and the kids have soccer in the morning, you still have time to go camping. As long as you have a fire pit, you have the perfect scene for a quick faux-camping trip.

Grab some hot dogs, wrap some corn in tinfoil, set up the tent near the fire pit, and you're in business. While you cook the 'dogs and roast the corn, face the crackling flames and let your inner child come out for an evening.

And after the food's done, toast

  1. S’mores Galore

Sugar, chocolate, and grain. The three basic food groups. Of all the reasons to get a fire pit, this might be our favorite. S'mores are the gold-medal winner of all camp foods. Whether you host a s'mores party or just pull out the fixins' when the mood strikes you, a fire pit makes it all possible – right at home.

  1. Date Night Romance

Every so often, you can get a babysitter and take off for a night out with your sweetheart. And if you don't have kids, that can be an every-night occasion.

But what happens when you can't leave the house – or don't want to? It's time to break out the fire pit. Remember how we said that warmth is one of the reasons to get a fire pit? There's nothing warmer than romance around a fire. Share some wine – or just sit together and enjoy the evening. Just you, your love, and a fire.

  1. Get-together Ambiance

Fall holidays call for a cozy atmosphere. When you bring your loved ones together, relax around a warm fire in your fire pit. Heat up some cider, mull some wine, stir up some hot cocoa, and share stories of what you've been up to.

  1. Relaxing Environment

Ever need a break? Take one! Rest is the last of our reasons to get a fire pit this fall. When you're stressed, your fire pit can set you at ease by producing a relaxing environment.

Maybe you'd like to read a book next to the fire. Or, just use the time to think and meditate. Stare into the fire until you're nice and relaxed – then go get a restful night's sleep.


Take advantage of your chance to enjoy a fire pit this fall. With one in your backyard, you'll make the most of this year's remaining good weather.

For help finding the perfect fire pit, come on in to The Great Backyard for expert advice and a wide selection of fire pits.

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