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robotic cleaner

  • How to Save Money by Running Your Pool Pump Right

    One of the questions that our swimming pool builders in Chattanooga get asked all the time is “how long should I run my pool pump every day?” This is an important question! You want the water in your pool to be clean, pristine, and safe. And you also want to save money. Since you run your pool pump often, it factors into your monthly expenses. That's why it’s good to find the right balance. So, how can you save money – and how often do you need to run your pump right? Ask these 8 simple questions to find... Read More
  • Can A Robotic Pool Cleaner Save Time and Money?

    Computers have already beaten humans at chess. And one recently beat the world champion at Go, a much harder game. But can a robotic pool cleaner save time and money – and clean your pool better than you do? We know … a robotic pool cleaner isn't exactly artificial intelligence. But it sure can do a lot to make your life simpler and easier. If you’ve already bought one for your pool, great! But if you haven’t yet, what are you waiting for? Now what is a robotic pool cleaner – and how can it help you keep your... Read More

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