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Is a Swim Spa or Pool Better? 4 Practical Reasons for Each

We're convinced that swimming is underrated. That's where we're starting with this article. Swimming is good exercise, fun for the family, refreshing, and more. But where should you swim? Is a swim spa or pool better in your back yard?

Is a Swim Spa or Pool Better?

Every person, and every family, has different needs. The answer to this question really depends on your circumstances and desires. Some will find that a pool is best. Others will discover the relaxation they need in a swim spa.

The key is to figure out what will serve you best – now and in the future.  Budget, space, and habits are all major factors. So, is a swim spa or pool better? To help you answer the question, let's look at 4 advantages of pools and swim spas.

4 Reasons to Buy a Swim Spa

You may want to buy a swim spa instead of a pool for these practical reasons. Some of the reasons are unique to swim spas, and others are shared with hot tubs.

1. Swim Spas Are Smaller

Since swimming pools have a large footprint, they leave less room in your yard for other activities. However, if you have a large yard (or are happy to fill it with a fun pool), this reason may not be relevant to you.

2. Swim Spas Can Be Used Indoors

If you have an exterior doorway wide enough, your swim spa can be placed on a lower floor of your home. This lets you swim in all weather.

You'll need a well-supported floor. Just because your basement is concrete doesn't mean it's thick enough, for instance. Have a structural specialist look at your home before you decide to move your swim spa indoors.

3. Swim Spas Have a Current

An active current is the main feature of swim spas. The current allows you to swim without hitting the end of the spa. It's a very productive (and practical) feature for exercise. You'll get one of the very best workouts for cardiovascular health, with a workout as challenging as you want it to be.

4. Swim Spas Often Cost Less

Pools can be quite expensive because of site prep costs. Some find that pools are worth the cost, and for good reason. But for those on a tighter budget, a swim spa provides the swimming experience for less.

4 Reasons to Buy a Pool

For many people, pools are better than swim spas. Here are 4 practical reasons to buy a pool, whether in-ground or above ground.

1. Pools Offer Natural Swimming

Swimming is more natural in a pool than in a swim spa. Because there is no current, the experience is less challenging. While you can adjust the current in a swim spa, you control the degree of difficulty in a pool based on how hard you want to push yourself.

2. Swimming Pools are Better for Parties

More space leads to less of a crowd. If you have a party (or your children love to jump around), a pool may provide the room you need.

3. Swimming Pools Increase Home Value

The cost for an in-ground pool is higher up front. However, a well-maintained pool can be a good selling point should you need to move. Balance that against the portability of a swim spa. It's your choice: do you want a permanent fixture or something you can take with you?

4. Swimming Pools Can Improve Landscaping

We've all seen nicely landscaped pools. While a swim spa can be integrated into your deck or surrounded by potted plants, an in-ground pool has more potential to add to your well-planned landscaping.

Other Things to Consider
  • Both swim spas and pools need to be maintained well. Pools are more hands-on in this area, so if you're short on time, you may want to consider a swim spa.
  • You'll also need to plan where to put the pool or spa in your back yard. A swim spa might require a concrete pad, increased deck support, or additional wiring. An above ground pool may need decking build around it, as well as wiring.

So, is a swim spa or pool better? The answer is up to you!


If you need help deciding – or if you've made up your mind and are ready to choose a pool or swim spa – come on in to The Great Backyard. Our friendly staff will be glad to help you in Chattanooga, Knoxville, Cleveland, and Maryville, TN, or our stores in Asheville and Charlotte, NC.

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