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  • How to Exercise in a Swim Spa in 7 Easy Steps

    Water heals, soothes, and relaxes. It's a natural environment for exercise and pain relief. In fact, hydrotherapy in a swim spa is a popular rehab method, especially for those with leg injuries. But how do you exercise in a swim spa? For maximum benefit, you need to know how to exercise in a swim spa the right way. Because of water's physical properties – resistance, pressure, temperature – water is an effective exercise medium. And the easiest place to do it is a swim spa at your own home. Keep reading to learn how. How to Exercise in a... Read More
  • 5 Pool Party Ideas To Start Summer Right

    If there's one certainty in life, it’s that everybody loves a pool party. Here at the Great Backyard Place, we’re experts in pool building and installation. And since we're around pools so much, we know a thing or two about throwing a good pool party. We've come up with 5 pool party ideas that anyone can enjoy. Hawaiian Themed Pool Party You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. This one’s a classic, because it focuses on fun. * Ask your guests to wear Hawaiian-themed shirts. The tackier, the better. Give a prize for the most outrageous. ... Read More

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