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Top 5 Things You Need In Your Back Yard This Fall

The nice thing about fall is that the weather's cooling down. And the downside is that it can get pretty chilly. So we've put together a list of 5 things you need in your backyard this fall to stave off the chill – while enjoying the cooler weather. Because what good is a back yard if you're not enjoying it, right?

Read on for our list of …

Things You Need In Your Back Yard This Fall

  1. Trusty Grill

Who says you need to stop grilling when summer's over? Now's the perfect time to smoke a Turkey for Thanksgiving or grill a pizza. Use warming foods like garlic, onion, and ginger. Spices like paprika, alongside cayenne and black pepper, add warmth. With a grill on your patio, you'll be in good eats year-round.

  1. Warm Fire Pit

Conversation just seems richer around a fire pit. You sit in a circle with the chill at your backs, facing a warm fire. Heat up some cider and mulled wine and stay awhile. Together against the night.

So, add a fire pit to your back yard. One you can toast s'mores at, cook hot dogs over, and use as a buffer between winter and summer.

  1. Cozy Hanging Bed

Fall can be too cool for a hammock and too breezy for a porch swing. We're convinced that's exactly why the hanging bed was invented. When the days are shorter and the air is crisper, cozy up in a hanging bed with your sweetheart (or pile onto it with the whole family for an outdoor movie). It'll provide a cocoon of warmth and the comfort of soft cushions.

  1. Relaxing Spa

Summer's too hot to hang out in the spa for long. And winter can be too cold to keep the water hot. That makes spring and fall optimal spa seasons. Take advantage of the temperate weather by unwinding in the jet-stirred water. Just a little while in your hot tub will release your workday stress and prepare you for a good rest.

  1. Healthful Sauna

Right alongside your spa, the sauna is one of the main things you need in your back yard this fall. Spending time in your sauna is, apart from exercise, one of the most heathful activities you can participate in. When you sweat, your body releases toxins – and when your session is over, you feel clean, relaxed, and ready for a good night's sleep. Sounds just right for the end of a fall day.


Although there may be other things you need in your back yard this fall, those are definitely the top 5. With a setup that includes all of them, your back yard will easily become your favorite place to spend time. as the leaves change and days grow shorter.

Want help prepping your back yard for fall? Just come on in to The Great Backyard for friendly tips and great selection!

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