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Country Bristle Permanent Christmas Tree

Country Bristle Permanent Christmas Tree

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Available for purchase in-store only.  Chattanooga Knoxville

The Great Christmas Shop
Country Bristle Christmas Tree
Hgt Diam Lights Retail Sale
2' 14" Unlit N/A $9.99
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Additional Information

Manufacturer Regency International

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Don't Forget to Fluff Your Christmas Tree!
Simply start at the top and work in a spiral motion down the tree. For best results, you'll want to start from the inside and work out, making sure to touch every branch, positioning them up and down in a variety of ways, checking for any open spaces as you go.

As you work your way down, the spiral motion will ensure that you won't have any gaps. And by touching every branch you'll create the desired full, natural look.

What Is Staylit?
Staylit is patented Christmas light technology aimed at taking some of the stress out of the Christmas season. Everyone has dealt with the seasonal horror of struggling to keep strands lit because somewhere a bulb has gone out. Now, thanks to tiny microchips in each bulb base, when one bulb goes out, only ONE bulb goes out. Since the technology is in the base, there are no special replacement bulbs required. Don't settle for lesser strands. Pick up a tree with Staylit lights this holiday season.

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