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Why work when you can swim?
The Great Backyard Place makes pool ownership easy and fun!

Swimming pools offer wonderful benefits for each family that owns one. Play, exercise, fun for the whole family. But a pool can cause extra work. That’s why we’re offering the exclusive WorkFree Pool Package, complete with an algae-free guarantee for in-ground AND above-ground pools!

For just a few dollars more up front, you can save hours of maintenance time and increase your enjoyment of the family pool. Spend more time having fun with your family – only through WorkFree from The Great Backyard.

  • Automated mineral or salt water treatment
  • Robotic pool vacuum is hands-free, system-free, smart, and effective
  • Exclusive algae-free guarantee
  • Prefilter to reduce filter cleanings
  • Soft, odorless, luxurious water that’s utterly inhospitable to algae growth
  • Inhibit evaporation for minimal water loss and better heat retention
  • Safe, fun night swimming with underwater LED lighting options included
  • Increase safety and compliance with included pool alarm system
  • Control the functions and view water conditions from your phone
  • Fully integrated programmable control automation and additional ports
  • 16-speed variable flow pump for ultra-high efficiency 
  • Integrated salt water sanitation system
  • 3-year manufacturer’s warranty on all  pool equipment
  • Electronic actuators so you can control various water features with your phone
  • All other WorkFree package upgrades

Frog Leap water treatment system

  • Clean and clear mineral water
  • The most effective and affordable chemical treatment alternative
  • Reduces chlorine use up to 70%
  • Ten-year warranty on the vessel, simple design, durable and lasting
  • One mineral cartridge lasts a full swim season!
  • No handling of chemicals
  • In-line, automated dispensing of water treatment
  • Algae-Free Guarantee with purchase of 2 BAM applications annually
  • System comes with vessel, mineral cartridge, Torpedo Pac, and one FREE BAM
  • Over 15 years of proven performance in delivering clear water naturally

Active 10 pool cleaner

  • Plug and play cleaner offers ultimate hands free cleaning
  • “Intelligent” robot cleans entire pool bottom in roughly 1.5 hours
  • Scrub brush spins quickly to brush surface
  • Easy-clean top access debris basket 
  • Incredibly efficient – cleaning pool for less than 15 cents per clean
  • Runs independent of pool system and filter
  • Quick drain feature makes it light and easy to remove from pool
  • Far more reliable, effective, and efficient than suction-side or pressure-side cleaners



crystal clear supreme

  • Maintains stable PH, reducing the cost and time needed to maintain perfect water
  • Enhances the performance of sanitizers, extending their life significantly
  • Water conditioner makes the water silky and inviting to the skin and the eyes
  • Adds sparkle and clarity to the pool
  • Ultimate algae insurance: sequesters carbon needed for algae to “breath”
  • Single application will last an entire season, with only an annual top-up needed





Cover Free by Natural Chemistry

  • Reduces evaporation up to 85%, conserving water treatment and water
  • Reduces heat loss up to 70%
  • PH neutral, advance mono-layer technology
  • Reduces cost of ownership meaningfully, saves valuable resources

StarBright LED light

  • Brightest LED light for AG pools on the market
  • No power cord in the pool, can be used with all steel-wall pools
  • Full performance return with eyeball means a fountain or pressure-side cleaner can run
  • Adds essential nighttime security by illuminating the entire body of water
  • LEDs last over ten times longer than halogen and use 1/10 the power
  • RGB multi-color and light show option available complete with Remote Control with 7 colors and 10 color changing modes. 

Supreme Winter Cover

  • 2 year full, 15 year pro-rated warranty
  • Comes with grommets, cable, and winch for tightening cover around pool
  • 12 skrim reinforced cover lasts longer than standard options
  • Silver surface reflects light and heat helping to keep water cooler





  • Color-fusion technology permeates color throughout the float
  • Does not crack or peal like dipped foam floats
  • Lasts for years, not just weeks like most inflatable floats
  • Cannot absorb water so it remains buoyant year after year

Ecoaquatic Pre-Filter

  • Widemouth skimmer pulls more surface bound debris in before it hits the bottom
  • Long neck accommodates filter net which catches much smaller debris than the standard skim basket, extending the time between cartridge cleanings 
  • Combined with Black Diamond, provides the ultimate filtration system for an aboveground pool
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